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“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Angie’s is family, a family business that we run, my brother, sister, mother, aunts and cousins are all involved and come through here. This is a business we took over when my father got sick unfortunately, so it’s kind of been the glue that has kept the rest of the family together.

“There is an incredible sense of pride from everyone that works here. Pride in our community and the three generations of customers that we have…We recognize all the faces…We’ve seen kids come in with their parents and grandparents and have literally seen them grow up.

“My favorite meal that I feel is a showcase dish for Angie’s Pizza is either the Chicken Parmesan or the Lasagna, or anything that my mother makes as a special. I don’t think that there is a cook in Southeastern CT that will beat that…All her soups and entrees are old school Greek recipes. They are all home runs.”

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